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40 Ways to Become More Green at Work

Grainger Editorial Staff

Companies are choosing to adopt green building practices because of the impact on key concerns like energy conservation, global climate change, water conservation, and occupant health. Green business operation makes a clear and obvious statement about environmental stewardship by setting an example for employees and visitors.

Not sure where to get started? Here’s a list of 40 ideas that can help get you on your way to becoming more green:

1. Clean floors with microfiber mops to reduce water usage
2. Use photosensors to help you turn off lights in unoccupied rooms
3. Install waterless urinals
4. Paint with VOC-free paints
5. Replace standard motors with NEMA Premium™ motors
6. Create preferred parking signs for hybrid and alternative fuel cars
7. Replace T12 lamps with T5 or T8
8. Use paper towels and toilet paper with recycled content
9. Replace older exit signage with LED exit signs
10. Replace safety signage with photoluminescent signage
11. Install floor matting to keep floors cleaner
12. Install faucets and flush valves with sensors
13. Repair all leaky water pipes and fittings
14. Use Energy Star rated air conditioners
15. Replace mercury thermostats with programmable thermostats
16. Install tankless water heaters
17. Replace incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lighting
18. Procure Green Seal certified cleaning chemicals that contain less harmful toxins
19. Use trash can liners made from recycled content
20. Install sprinkler timers to control water usage
21. Provide recycling containers in all workspaces
22. Recycle used fluorescent lamps, ballasts, and batteries
23. Minimize waste with touch-less towel dispensers
24. Clean with vacuums or blowers instead of hoses to clear off work areas
25. Understand facility energy usage with a power analyzer
26. Add an AC adjustable frequency drive to adjust pumps and motors
27. Visually detect electrical and temperature problems with a thermal imager
28. Save on cooling costs with ceiling, wall and pedestal fans
29. Seal off leaky windows with sealant
30. Filter tap water to help discourage use of bottled water
31. Cut down on battery waste with rechargeable batteries
32. Install dimming controls for lighting systems
33. Replace standard air filters with high-efficiency filters
34. Measure indoor air quality with a particulate meter
35. Reduce respirator waste with reusable respirators
36. Use dry-erase boards to help reduce paper waste
37. Reduce cardboard waste with coreless toilet paper
38. Accurately portion cleaning chemicals with ready-to-dispense cleaner systems
39. Install foam soap dispensers to reduce chemical usage
40. Use recycled plastic pallets to reduce tree cutting

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