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The Benefits of a Grainger Facility Assessment


When you want to meet sustainability goals or simply save on energy costs, it pays to make your facility more energy efficient. Use this energy self-assessment to help you determine the right action plan for your business's specific needs — then schedule an energy assessment today.

Imagine decreasing your facility’s energy costs by 50% – saving money while reducing your carbon footprint...all with no operational disruption! Now there’s a solution.

Grainger will provide a facility assessment and develop the right action plan for your business’s specific needs.

Grainger’s network of qualified, insured and licensed service providers can tackle problem areas in your facility.

This may include replacing interior and exterior lighting with cutting edge LED technology to reduce your energy spend, optimizing your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. As well as HVAC filter change-outs and preventative maintenance services, and upgrading equipment such as air handling, chillers, boilers and rooftop units. All while we identify ways to enhance thermal comfort, production quality and facility pressurization.

Our team of experts can optimize your compressor system by identification and mitigation, pipe reconfiguration, variable frequency drive integration as well as nozzle and zero-loss drain engineered applications.

We can also audit all motors and drives to understand if there is an opportunity to enhance their energy efficiency and optimize throughput.

With Grainger, you get trusted help as you modernize your facility, while saving money and conserving energy.

Schedule an energy assessment today.

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