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The Right Tool Keeps Netflix DVD Running


Mike Calabro, the Operations Manager at, says his team was facing one of its "nightmare scenarios," when the equipment had a "catastrophic jam." That's when he turned to Grainger for help.

[There was a] time when Grainger helped [us with a problem] and they were a huge help. My name is Mike Calabro, I'm the Operations Manager here at Sometimes a mailer or a disk will get jammed in the machine, and in this instance we had a big jam. What we would call a catastrophic jam.

When the cam slips like that, it is one of our nightmare scenarios because it's so difficult to get to [to repair]. [When you go to fix it], you are probably going to come out of it with bloody knuckles. When you're running a production environment and the disks have to get out, you have to dive in. That machine has to be up and running as soon as possible, we're talking about minutes.

I talked to the techs that work here at, and we found a [T-shape hex key] tool from Grainger that could get into that [tight] space. Plus, we were able to get it right away. It [allowed you to fix the jam] outside of the deck, so you weren't under the machine and your knuckles were free. Because we were able to find the tool right away, we could get the mail out in time. [This tool] is now standard across all of the hubs in the country.

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