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Grainger Everyday Heroes: Exterminator


Bob Bacon of Bacon's Pest Control never knows what type of insect or household pest he's going to encounter on any given day. Bob really enjoys helping people which is a good thing since some pests carry diseases and can leave permanent damage.

My name is Bob Bacon, I own Bacon's Pest Control. A typical day could vary from [exterminating] bedbugs, roaches, ants, spiders [to performing] termite inspections, or all of that in any given day. We do [extermination] work for most of the major landlords who own 700 or more properties. I like to be able to give good service so if you spread yourself too thin, then you're not actually given good service.

One of the properties that [I visit are] town homes. I [worked on] the whole complex, which had a major [bug] problem for years. We got rid [of all of them] within three months, but [it was a challenge as each unit] had four bedrooms, each with a mini fridge. That's like treating five kitchens because each bedroom is like a kitchen when there's a fridge in there with food and [whatever else]. [These are] some of the [issues] you have to live with [when you’re dealing with] college students.

Insects slow down a little bit in the winter [because their] lifecycle changes. For most bugs, their lifecycle slows down when it gets colder. [For example], roaches won't breed as fast. Whereas a [typical] lifecycle is usually 10 days to two weeks, and we have to return [to apply treatment]. In fact, if it's infested, you have to treat it every 10 days to two weeks until you catch up with their life cycle.

I like doing [what I do] because I'm successful at it. You know, that's enjoyable, to be able to help people that need help. Some of your pests can carry diseases while some of them bite and can leave permanent damage. I just like helping people.

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