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Grainger Everyday Heroes: Innkeepers

Grainger Editorial Staff

Meet Bernardine and Dave Anderson, co-owners of the Stillman Inn, a bed and breakfast in Galena, Illinois. See how they prepare guest rooms and a home-cooked breakfast to make their guests feel right at home.

Bernardine: A mansion like this is an ongoing [work in] process. Whenever you're done [fixing one area] you look around the corner and something else is rotted or needs to be painted again, that's just the way it is [when you own a mansion like this].

Dave: My name is Dave Anderson, and this is my beautiful bride, Bernadine. We're the proud owners of the Stillman Inn in Galena, Illinois. It's a bed and breakfast.

Bernardine: On a typical day, we wake up at about 6:30, and we put the coffee on by 8:00 as we start preparing breakfast for everybody. This is where we make breakfast. Everything is homemade right here. Each order is prepared individually and [the food is] voted on by the guests. We take polls on everything, and the guests just want a home-cooked meal after eating out in the evening.

We have two rooms on the main floor that are handicap accessible. [These are] luxury rooms with whirlpools and easy-to-enter showers and tubs. On the second floor, we have five guest rooms. We just opened the third floor penthouse suite which is just lovely.

Dave: You're looking at a guy who just loves what he does. I love working with my hands, I love meeting guests, taking care of them and making it a place that we'd like to go. [We make] it friendly because that's what we are. I think as long as we follow that rule, we'll [be successful].

Bernardine: I feel like we're on top of it now. Everything has been touched, every corner has been painted, everything has been done. How nice a feeling that is to have done this together and to look at it now, step back and say, wow, we've done an incredible job here.

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