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Everyday Heroes:


Grainger Everyday Heroes: Welder


Meet Joe Levy, a welding artist, who for 15 years has been creating unusual objects from discarded metal. He says you have to use the right equipment and understand how to use the equipment correctly. Watch as he welds together a variety of tools.

My name's Joe Levy. I'm a metal artist, and I like to create things from discarded metal. I live in Gulfport, Florida, but I [go back and forth between Florida and Boulder, Colorado]. I'm [looking to weld together] the biggest ball of tools. I'm a roadside attraction at the Grainger National [Sales and Service Meeting]. I figured [I would create] the biggest ball of [all] time, the biggest ball, the biggest whatever. I am going for the biggest ball of tools.

I myself had a five minute [lesson on] how not to blow [myself] up, and I've been practicing [welding] for 15 years. [It's important to have] the right equipment and the right instruction. It's really so cool to be able to put [items] together and [they will] be stronger than just any [other] way to put them together.

Sometimes I get these really unusual requests. I had a request to build a projector platform over the conference table in an ad agency in Boulder. I made this metal box and it's got a lens on it and chain hoists. I needed more chains because they wanted to be able to raise and lower [the projector]. I searched all over the place, and the only place I could [find these chains] was Grainger. I [have no trouble finding] gears, but then I try to put them together and that's a hard thing [to do]. You have to [try to fit] the right gear in between the two [other] gears, and Granger has [the gears]. I tried to get [Grainger employees] to [help me] choose a piece of metal to put on the ball. Then I told them if [this ball of tools make it into] the Guinness Book of World Records, they can say they helped. This is a great event.

How are you going to get that thing home?

Well, that's why I made a ball so I could just roll it right into the truck.

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