Growing a Healthcare Partnership Medxcel and Grainger

Grainger Video Team

Grainger has been working with Medxcel for several years. Watch the video below to learn how Grainger helped this healthcare facilities management organization and become a "true partner."

Michael Argir:
Medxcel started as an organization four years ago in serving our ministry, our healthcare customers. Today we are an integrated facilities management organization and not just an organization, but we are the largest healthcare facilities management organization in the United States.

Sara Barker:
In our original PO process, the purchase requisition was entered into the system, went through anywhere from one to three levels of approval and then went to a purchasing specialist to be manually sourced to a PO. So that process could take anywhere from five to 10 days. With the solution, we now enter the purchase requisition into, it completely skips the purchasing specialist and is charged to a credit card as soon as it receives final fiscal approval. So we were able to reduce our processing time from anywhere to five to 10 days down to 24 hours, as quickly as those approvers approve their orders.

Michael Argir:
we were able to engage Grainger on a number of fronts, filters, fire stopping, roofing, lighting retrofits, and when you can do that and you can set the tone, one thing that was impressive as Grainger was always able to back up their discussion points; their actions match their talk.

Matthew Keahey:
We focused on energy realizing that there was a large return on investment, a very quick return on investment, and by focusing on switching out fixtures to LEDs right away. Utilizing the relationship that Grainger has, we've been able to deploy that across the United States into 150 hospitals and beginning to deploy that into medical office locations very, very quickly.

Jason Scheidler:
Some of the high level stats that we've published out there is that we've gotten all of our money back on the lighting initiatives in roughly 12 months period. So for every dollar we've spent, we've recouped it back one for one on 12 months and on the 36 month projection, we're getting about a 310% return, and we're seeing that even in the market of deflated electrical costs and gas pricing and on some of the other initiatives that we're still seeing really strong returns to push the program out to our commercial clients.

Michael Argir:
Five years into the journey, we're in a great place. We have a productive organization. We have a great relationship with Grainger, and Grainger is truly one of our partners. They're always in a place for us to lean on.

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